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4/12/2014 Windsor, Canada

A little windy!

Continuing the conversation on the work of That All May Freely Serve in its role of providing support for folks in the midst of struggle. The setting is on the Canadian side of the Detroit River, with the City of Detroit in the background, the place where the 221st General Assembly of the PC(USA) will take place in June 2014.  
4/3/2014 Lake Meade, Nevada
This short video talks about the mission of That All May Freely Serve and the way in which we collaborate and work with our Progressive Partners and others. Lake Mead is in Nevada, only a short distance from the Hoover Dam. A beautiful place - especially now that I have my Senior Pass to all National Parks: $10 lifetime pass!  
3/17/2014 Orestimba
Orestimba: The Meeting Place.
On the road to Pasadena from Spokane, WA where we attended the last of the "Unity with Difference" gatherings at Whitworth Seminary, convened by Moderator Neal Presa and Vice Moderator Tom Trinidad in 2012.
3/9/2104 Coer D'Alene, Idaho

In this inaugural video, we review our recent trip to Chicago, IL for the wonderful installation of the Rev. Dr. Beth Buckingham-Brown at Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church. We also talk about a reunion of That All May Freely Serve-Chicago, attendance at the L.E.A.D. Leadership Day presented by the Presbytery of Chicago, and the upcoming gathering of Unity with Difference at Whitworth Seminary, Spokane, WA.


Written Title Description  
4/20/14 After the Tomb Easter Sunday Reflection at Lake Ontario Park, Rochester, NY
Downtown United Presbyterian Church - Early Morning Service
3/23/14 More than what it is Sermon delivered at First Congregational Church, Oakland, CA  


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3/2/2014 Installation at Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church Enjoy these pictures taken at the installation of the Rev. Dr. Beth Buckingham-Brown at Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL  
10/2013 Halloween Halloween photos from Downtown United Presbyterian Church  
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